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Hundreds of people gather in a vigil to honour and remember Tina Fontaine and Faron Hall; both are first nations who were recently found deceased. Tina Fontaine was found in a bag in the river, murdered.

Media reports have come in saying that those marching have filled Portage and Main in Winnipeg.

We need to combat racism and prevent further violence and death to first nations people, but especially women. Canadians should not forget about this.

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Mockingjay Part 1 (2014)

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 I drag myself out of nightmares each morning and find there’s no relief in waking.

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I never wanted any of this. Never wanted to be in the games. I just wanted to save my sister, and keep Peeta a l i v e.

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so are we going to talk about the fact that they made katniss look like she is actually 17


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I’m probably going to make a new personal blog and probably won’t be on this too much. I’m probably going to follow some if my favorite blogs on that blog

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